As time is passing and Bigg Boss 10 is nearly going to end and the suspenses are not getting over.
As we saw yesterday that manu and manveer will go outside the house and will compete with each other in ticket to finale task.

We would like to tell you that Manveer gujjar have won the task and has become the first contestant to enter in the finale.

Now it will be interesting to see who else will share space with manveer.

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The season has arrived and we all are going to sit and watch bigg boss 10 .
The concept which Colors has opted this year will give all of us good masala
What do you think is more stronger?

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Gauhar the winner
Tanisha at second position
Ajaz at third
Sangram at last

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Gauhar Khan picking the Trophy

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10 minutes to go.

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From the Sources, Gauhar Khan is the winner of Bigg Boss.

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Who is going to win this season, is it Gauhar or Ajaz.

Posted on 12:11 AM by Abhishek Malhotra

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